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a) Scholarship for under-served students:
Trust provide scholarship as a big awards to school students early on in their academic career, possibly even funding education at their dream school demolishing fund as a road block to a vivid young scholar. Financial scholarships agreed to student who shows superior presentation in their eighth grade and opportunity would be made much easier for students to progress high school and college which they dreamed ahead. The Scholarship Program will permit more under-served students with fiscal need to attain their best prospective through higher edification.

b) School contribution towards coaching class / Uniform / Basic amenities:
Fund would be issued to purchase basic amenities for school, when contacted on behalf of school head of administration to provide support. One of the most effective form of aid are school uniform, course books, notebooks and refreshments afforded during evening learning hours. This not only helps the poor but also serving the students to increase motivation and energy, beside program results in growing instructive consciousness amongst the underprivileged. In adding together student medical benefit will be covered as part of sponsorship program.

c) Sapling distribution to school:
Planting a sapling has long been a proposal to enhance the environment, even prior the protest and caution of global warming, water crisis. With the new focus clearly pointing to the concern need for battle against the sustained ruin of our natural resources, a simple action what you can actually do to help is to plant a sapling. By planting, we framework for the loss we have caused the environment and ourselves through the destruction of woods over the period of time. Hence schools will be distributed with sapling to plant them in and around the premise.

d) Educational high flier student / teacher meet:
Educator is considered worth and stature based on the harmony of their action towards society of knowledge. Open house was conducted and opinions were exchanged between students and teachers on making progress in their present education system. The formative personal bonds that establish what are student's expectation and their pragmatic way of applying the suggestion were discussed and implemented.

e) Free law awareness workshop:
The campaign is aimed to give students the mandatory knowledge enabling them to shield their legal rights and interests. This law publicity campaign that aimed to promote legal knowledge to increase student awareness of law, create a sound environment for respecting law and ensuring the student could enjoy social equality, justice. At proceeding, bank manager gave an opinion about bank loan official procedure was an added benefit of counsel to the students.

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